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Rumors about the first "death of dab rig" in the United States have caused global condemnation.

by linbin on April 21, 2020

  Last Saturday, the title of a death case in Illinois directly related to the use of cheap glass dab rigs attracted widespread attention. In response, Professor MichaelSiegel of Boston University's School of Public Health criticized CDC's approach as irresponsible. MichaelSiegel has 32 years of tobacco control experience and worked for CDC. He initiated a landmark Engel lawsuit against tobacco companies and incurred a record $145 billion fine.

  In his latest blog, MichaelSiegel pointed out that the cause of the disease should be thc, not dab rig. In the published cases, patients usually use thc liquid purchased on the street black market, rather than cheap glass dab rigs oil containing nicotine sold through informal channels. In fact, in an academic report in January, it was clearly determined that THC would lead to serious respiratory diseases. In 21 similar cases in California, THC fluids purchased on the street in the black market were used without exception. "

how to clean a dab rig and get reclaim  Dr. MelodiPirzada of Langong Hospital of the University of new york received a similar case. He said: "We spent 1 million US dollars on various tests on the 18-year-old boy, but he found nothing until his family found out that he was taking drugs and was using sesame oil containing THC." THC caused permanent damage to the boy's lungs.

  MichaelSiegel believes CDC should educate the public, clearly distinguish nicotine from THC, and prohibit the public from inhaling THC-related products. It is especially noteworthy that you should not buy and try products from unknown sources on the black market.

  In a statement, the president of the United States cheap glass dab rigs Grass Association pointed out that the crisis had more evidence that drugs containing THC or other illegal drugs on the streets were the causes of these diseases, not cheap glass dab rigs products containing nicotine. When we know that contaminated black market THC products are still on the streets, it is irresponsible for the media and health authorities to focus only on the use of cheap glass dab rigs. We continue to call on CDC and FDA not only to investigate these incidents in a timely manner, but also to ensure that adult smokers know that nicotine products are by far the safest substitute.

  GergoryConley, president of the United States cheap glass dab rigs Grass Association, said the CDC could have prevented more deaths, but some of their actions cast a shadow of lies over the cheap glass dab rigs industry. "People will smoke again, including those who successfully quit smoking, eventually leading to more deaths.

  Sky News said in a news report: "cheap glass dab rigs steam does not contain tar or carbon monoxide, which are the two most harmful components in tobacco smoke." The british ministry of health quoted "cheap glass dab rigs steam does not contain tar or carbon monoxide" as saying. Cheap glass dab rigs do contain some chemicals also found in tobacco smoke, but their content is much lower. Previous research by the department showed that the hazard of cheap glass dab rigs is about 95% lower than that of traditional cigarettes.

  So far, there is no evidence that smoking cheap glass dab rigs will hurt people around you, "NHS said. Existing evidence shows that the risk of any harm is very low, especially compared with secondhand smoke.

  Both the national ministry of health and the ministry of health support the use of cheap glass dab rigs instead of smoking. The ministry of public health suggested last year that hospitals sell cheap glass dab rigs and provide patients with cheap glass dab rigs lounges to encourage the switch from traditional cigarettes to cheap glass dab rigs.

  New zealand government and experts are also angry at rumors about cheap glass dab rigs.

  The recent news in the United States has aroused people's attention to cheap glass dab rigs and severe lung diseases. "New Zealand's Director of Public Health Carolina McKenne confirmed that there were no reports of respiratory diseases caused by cheap glass dab rigs in New Zealand." The main problem is that some facts have been ignored. Among the causes of the disease, THC has been identified as a source of unauthorized street purchases.

  JanetHoek, a professor at the UniversityofOtago in New Zealand, said: "The most important thing is that people should not panic. If people buy and use official cheap glass dab rigs, cheap glass dab rigs will, as always, be safer than traditional smoking.

  Professor JanetHoek lamented: "It's a pity that people start smoking again after quitting because the harm of smoking is still far greater than that of continuing to smoke." Otago University is the top 1% university in the world and the first university in New Zealand with a history of more than 150 years.