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Anti-smoking researchers talk about the current situation of indian cheap dab rigs grass industry.

by linbin on April 21, 2020
Dr. Constantinos, a famous cardiologist and anti-smoking researcher, talked about the situation of cheap dab rigs in India. Although research shows that cheap dab rigs is effective as a smoking cessation tool and India is one of the countries with the largest number of smokers in the world, local legislators are still fighting for the anti-smoking policy.

  According to a dab rig carb cap report issued by the newspaper trust of India in June, a proposal by the Indian pharmaceutical technical advisory Committee suggested that the sale, production, import and distribution of all electronic cigarette products be prohibited under sections 26A and 10A of the drugs and cosmetics act 1940. The proposal states that "after the review prior to the reconsideration, the Drug Advisory Committee recommends that these devices be considered as" drugs ".
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  In addition, the Indian Medical Research Council (Icmr) strongly recommends a "total ban on smoking" for cheap dab rigs, saying that the device serves as a gateway to smoking and can attract non-smokers to become addicted to nicotine. At least, ironically, when equipment proved to be a safer substitute was banned, the real toxic product: cigarettes remained unaffected and were widely used throughout the country.

  In 2017, the Indian Federal Ministry of Health established a working group to assess the impact of cheap dab rigs on local diapers to determine whether the ban is necessary. The Committee concluded that these products are carcinogenic and highly addictive. Based on these arguments, the federal government has said it plans to implement a ban.

  Subsequently, in a state government consultation report cheap glass dab rigs in September last year, the Ministry of Health recommended banning the use of electronic cigarettes and heating non-combustion equipment because they pose a threat to public health, especially to children and adolescents, pregnant women and women of childbearing age.