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Participate in Dig RIGS love show competition, win the Bali tour for two! Hurry up and register! Go to Bali!

by linbin on May 25, 2020

  On the afternoon of August 31, Dig RIGS held the first press conference of Dig RIGS show and KIMREE jiray's new products show at liya charlton hotel shenzhen.

  The contest is jointly organized by huizhou jirui technology co., LTD., CECMOLDig RIGS online and VPPLAYDig RIGS players.

electric dab rig

  According to the organizers of the electric dab rig, the theme of the contest is "one life, one taste". The contest was divided into three divisions: the south, the north and the east. The contestants selected the top six winners of the contest by means of Internet voting, and the top six winners reimbursed their air tickets or accommodation respectively. They went to the second China Dig RIGS exhibition in CECMOL on October 22nd for the final. First prize, Bali romantic 5-day trip for two, second and third prize cash prize and gift, creative, go to CECMOLDig RIGS website to register