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Illegal sale of dab rig to teenagers: 8 dab rig manufacturers prosecuted in north carolina

by linbin on April 21, 2020
On August 29, according to a report in the "steam newspaper" magazine, following yoel, north Carolina attorney general josh stein filed a lawsuit on Tuesday against eight independent snoop dog dab rig companies, claiming that they "target children illegally" and that they can buy dabrig products without proof of proper age.

  Stein said at a media conference with reporters on Tuesday that the complaints included BeardVapp, Directe, ElectricLotus, ElectricTobacconist, Eon Smoke, JuiceMan, TintdBrew and VapeCo.

  There is an epidemic between high school and high school students in North Carolina and the United States, "he said." As the attorney general of North Carolina, I refuse to stand idly by because dab rig has attracted thousands of children to use their products.
rick and morty glass dab rig
  Anti-tobacco propaganda groups welcomed this. According to an article in cnn.com, the non-profit smokeless children's game sent Stan "thank you" for his "leadership role in solving the youth dab rig epidemic".

  A dab rig spokesman said the lawsuit was unnecessary punishment.

  If these companies do illegally sell dab rig case to minors, they should be prosecuted, but the attorney general's press release did not mention the details. On the contrary, the attorney general's strategy seems to be to use the power of the state and the prospect of the June 7 bill to force small businesses to sign unbalanced reconciliation agreements. Gregory Conley, president of the non-profit organization American Democratic Association, said in an email on Tuesday.

  Gregory Conley added: "Although we strongly support efforts to reduce the use of these products by minors, including common sense marketing restrictions on taste names and descriptors, we cannot deprive adult smokers of the right to enjoy taste-reducing products.

  It is reported that JoshStein filed a similar lawsuit against JuulLabs, the leading high end dab rigs manufacturer, in May this year, claiming that the company sold its products to children. Part of the discussion on the lawsuit is still "in progress."

  The lawsuit is the first time the United States has targeted JuulLabs for allegedly marketing teenagers.