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With 101.7 million yuan in angel wheel financing, how does idols love beans rewrite the domestic glass bond Amazon pattern?

by linbin on May 06, 2020
Recently, the reporter learned that the idol glass bong amazon brand owned by Graceful Technology Group has completed financing of 101.7 million yuan for Angel Wheel. Graceful Group said that it would invest part of its funds in research and development and brand marketing of American Idol's semi-open atomized tobacco product core technology, and conduct a comprehensive layout of the domestic glass pipes price market to help it improve its brand influence and develop the potential China glass bong amazon market.

  Juggernaut has hundreds of patented technologies of Waterpipes Banking, and the research and development cost is nearly ten million yuan. It adopts an innovative solution-semi-open system, which enables consumers to directly replace the chimney or inject smoke oil independently. It not only meets the personalized needs, but also has a higher cost performance. The cost of purchasing a single cigarette bomb is as low as 2.2 yuan. In addition, idols adopts a very simple design, which requires only air flow sensing and no switching.
glass bong pipe
  It is understood that Graceful Group is a new type of tobacco company headquartered in China. There are currently 6 glass pipes custom brands. Covering more than 100,000 stores in 4 regions of the United States, Europe, Southeast Asia and China and more than 90 countries, it has sold 10 million sets of cigarettes, of which the market share of the United States has reached 20%. According to sources, graceful group has entered the stage of IPO guidance and is about to go public.

  At this stage, graceful group will focus on the domestic water pipes vibrating market with its new idol. Graceful Group hopes to apply high-quality technology to independently developed products and rewrite the pattern of "foreign products" flooding the domestic GlassBond Amazon market.

  In terms of water pipes amazon team, besides the "technology tycoon" of apple jurong factory, idol adu's core team comes from Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi and other top 500 companies in the world. Idols Adu has a number of "black technologies" such as semi-open system, 7-fold oil leakage prevention technology, high-quality control cotton core, 500mah large-capacity battery, c-type fast charging, etc. members of the water pipes frozen marketing team come from multinational beauty companies and experienced consultants across industries, and have created a more fashionable appearance and unique product concept idol for the world's top 500 fast consumer goods companies.