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Glass pipe shop brand LINX completes fifth round of financing

by linbin on May 06, 2020
Today, according to Sanyan's financial report, glass pipe shop brand LINX announced the completion of the fifth round of financing. Investors are Tianfeng Tianrui, a direct investment subsidiary of Tianfeng Securities.

  According to reports, after obtaining this round of financing, Tianfeng Securities, which provides IPO sponsorship for glass pipe repair, can provide Lingmenglinx with secondary market capabilities; Secondly, Lingmen LINX will also obtain diversified resources.

  In July this year, LINX just announced the completion of a round of financing of tens of millions of yuan, led by Ningbo Sibi, CICC Huicai Capital and other old shareholders.
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  According to etsy glass pipes enterprise survey data, Lingmen LINX was founded in January 2019, the brand belongs to Beijing New Friends Technology Co., Ltd., and the glass weed pipes for sale company was founded in September 2016 by former uncle CEO Jinyuan Zhang, Micro Media Holding Group CEO Li Yan and other new media professionals. At the beginning of the launch, he received a round of angel investment of 10 million yuan and completed two rounds of financing.

  It is understood that rhinoceros LINX has released iterative electronic sprayer animal glass pipes products and disposable cigarette products have also been released before, and have entered Tmall, Jing dong and other e-commerce channels, ranking sixth in the list of 618 glass pipe shop popular brands in Jingdong.