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NUT Nut of water pipe china Brand Completed Tens of Million Dollar Angel Round Financing, Creating Investment Capitals

by linbin on May 06, 2020
The water pipe china brand Nutnut announced the completion of the 10 million yuan angel round financing led by vc. It is understood that this round of financing will be mainly used for brand building, technology research and development and channel expansion.

  According to the enterprise survey data, Shenzhen zibao technology co., ltd was established in January 2019 and its legal representative is Huang Hua. Huang Huawei, founder of 32 EMBA students at Changjiang Business School, is also an entrepreneur who keeps on starting his own business and has set up a mobile exchange. He has keen insight into products and markets, and is good at integrating resources and overall planning. At the same time, he has studied the water pipe china industry for many years and has a profound understanding of water pipe china products.
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  Baxin Zibao Technology is specialized in the field of changing bombs and atomizing smoke. Its own brand is "Nut". At the same time, the company has introduced nut smoking, and has several innovative products in research and development. Zibao Technology has the most advanced ceramic core heating technology feelm in the industry, which can give full play to the atomization effect of cigarette oil, hot water pipe, refine the reduction degree of cigarette oil, ensure the consistent taste of each cigarette, and prevent core sticking, dry burning and other problems. At present, the NUT NUT V1 package has been installed on WeChat Mall and Tmall Public Number. It has many flavors, such as nuts, tobacco and children's popsicles.

  Huang Hua said that water pipe case, "nut V1' s first month on the market generated sales of 1 million yuan; Up to now, nut V1 has purchased 100,000 sets of replaceable cartridge aerosol cigarette packs in advance, while the contract order for nut white disposable aerosol water hose pipe has reached 80,000 sets, and sales revenue is expected to continue to grow rapidly in October. "