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CNN Reports New Research: glass dab rigs Are Better for Vascular Health Than Cigarettes

by linbin on June 09, 2020


  According to CNN, an important research result in university of dundee shows that if electronic cigarettes are used instead of tobacco,  vascular function will be improved within one month. They said the study used glass dab rigs as a smoking cessation tool to provide evidence.

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  The new study shows that switching from cigarettes to glass dab rigs can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases and possibly heart  attacks and strokes. However, the research team stressed that although this study shows that atomized smoke may be less harmful than cigarettes, it cannot prove that this product is completely harmless.

  Glass dab rigs has become a booming industry, and the number of people using water pipes online is growing rapidly. According to a 2017 report by Ernst and young, the number of glass dab rigs users has increased 55% in three years, with 2.2 million Britons using glass dab rigs.

  Professor Jacob George of university of dundee, the lead author of the study, said: "The switch from tobacco cigarettes to electronic cigarettes can significantly improve your vascular function within one month."

  This study is contrary to the study published earlier this week, which showed that the use of glass dab rigs may impair vascular function. George and his colleagues said the study was small and flawed-especially since it only examined the effects of a single inhalation of glass dab rigs mist.

  In an article published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, George and his colleagues said they had recruited 114 adults who smoked at least 15 cigarettes a day for more than two years but showed no signs of cardiovascular disease. Then George divided the subjects into three groups.

  The results showed that the average arterial diameter of the participants in the water pipes for sale group was improved by 1.5 percentage points compared with that in the traditional incense group.

  The research team said that if this improvement continues for a long time, it may bring great benefits to health: previous studies have proved that the improvement of vascular function by one percentage point reduces the risk of cardiovascular events by 13%.

  "This study does not show that glass dab rigs is safe. It shows an impact on the vascular system within one month, which means that if you are a smoker and switch to glass dab rigs, your vascular health will be improved," said Professor Jeremy Pearson from the British Heart Foundation. "We don't encourage anyone who doesn't smoke to smoke. “