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China's glass pipes industry, frozen for six months, is making a comeback.

by linbin on May 18, 2020


  Eighteen months ago, glass bongs were accompanied by online celebrities and hot money, Lao luo, uncle didi, a former executive, and obtained soft dollar financing."Six months ago, a ban on online sales silenced the hottest glass bongs.Three months ago, the new coronavirus broke out, and the glass water pipes hit the black swan head-on below the transition line.I haven't heard from an water pipes for sale in a long time.Not long ago, even Mr. Lo left his glass water pipes business to sell products at bean printing.

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  But now there are signs that glass bongs appear to be on their feet again.Press conferences begin, new products are introduced, new  formulations are announced, and the glass water pipes community in backwater suddenly increases the number of volunteer speakers.Even the banned glass water pipes online advertising and the evaluation of new products are becoming brazen and unscrupulous.

  The price war is here, too.Yooz Tsai Yuedong fired the first shot, using a $9 cigarette stick to break the industry floor.One waist glass water pipes entrepreneur vowed that this year's strategy would be simple: a price war.

  However, this is different from the past.Big MAC stood before him, holding fang's sword in his hand.Under the high pressure of the policy, is it not bad to start an glass water pipes business in China?

  For glass water pipes entrepreneurs looking to make a comeback, don't worry, reassess your business and see if you want to bow to the game.

  As he prepared to move under the ice, he panicked.Starting in late April, his peers began to do more, but he was not ready.As one of the few lookah glass bongs brands, his sales fell by 80% during the outbreak.With only a few stores, he relies on the customer base he amassed before the outbreak.WeChat contact, lightning transmission, "no contact" business seems to be good.

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  It wasn't until he heard about giozzi's $9 and nine cigarette sticks that zhao decided he couldn't wait to die.In China's glass water pipes rivers and lakes, the wave of entrepreneurs entering the glass water pipes bureau in late 2018 is automatically divided into two schools -- disposable and flexible.The exchange type is divided into two main components: sticks and cigarette bombs, which are sold in kits.Sticks can be reused and used up before buying a cigarette bomb.Therefore, relying on tobacco bomb buyback profits, is almost all participants in the industry consensus.

  In the past, the industry would typically replace the stretch suit and four bombs for 299 yuan.In the second half of last year, lingluo's price reached 99 yuan, the lowest in the industry.But according to Yooz, a stick and a cigarette bomb can cost as much as 49 yuan, even less than most disposable products.

  The Wolf is coming.That's what lookah glass bong review entrepreneurs say.However, it may still be just an appetizer.CAI yuedong told Burning Finance that the cigarette price reduction is inevitable in the market competition, and the core of the future industry competition is to restore the buyback rate of products.In addition, some glass water pipes entrepreneurs say there is plenty of room for glass water pipes prices to fall in the future.

  Yooz's new product isn't coming out, and another glass water pipes brand, joy fog, just had a high-profile new product launch in early April.At the meeting, xieyu released the first batch of S series products and the cigarette bomb product named No.3. Claims to have reduced the nicotine content to 1.7%, ensuring that the experience of nicotine reduction continues unabated.Previously, the industry's minimum was 3 per cent.In addition to the high profile appearance of the product, fuyun is also publicly listed, becoming the top three in China and the top five in the world within three years.

  This should be the most eye-catching launch event of the domestic glass water pipes industry in the past six months."I'm a little scared."I don't know where these brands come from."Laozhao says.In fact, more and more glass bongs come with new flavors, recipes and actions.

  Platinum, a maker of disposable water well pipe, released a formula called "sea salt nicotine" in late march, and the technology was used in  platinum's new dandelion in April.On April 22, RELX announced a full cooperation with gome electrical appliances (gome 500 stores and stores under other gome brands).VAZO, the glass water pipes brand owned by ribao lighters, also officially entered yonghui supermarket in chongqing almost at the same time.