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Change the world, change the smokers

by linbin on May 09, 2020

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  The Internet has changed traditional industries, most of which are the trend of The Times. The intrinsic reason is that it represents a more advanced way of production and life.Jinri Toutiao's algorithm suggests replacing active search for content to change users' reading habits, eliminate the drawbacks of the traditional rental industry, and make the voices of passengers and drivers more balanced king volcano bong.From O2O to taxi-hailing and bike-sharing to video clips, entrepreneurs have more than doubled their fame and wealth, but they have more or less an ideal sense of how to change the world and create new value.

  So it is with objective reality.But now that the Internet is changing smokers, it has suddenly become a "hot spot" in people's eyes, in addition to raising taxes on the country and producing little social value.

  This may be one of the most pointless changes in the Internet's penetration of traditional industries.Entrepreneurs can't ask for profiteering, and they actually find it hard to steer smokers toward healthier, more effective choices.After all, there is no evidence that direct use of e-cigarettes or secondhand smoke is any less harmful or addictive than conventional cigarettes.

  Therefore, the Internet to produce cigarettes, to conduct large-scale marketing education, on the contrary, must avoid its product is originally the biggest "selling point".Traditional cigarette companies are also trying to sell e-cigarettes in parallel with traditional cigarettes, but instead of promoting the "health" and "non-addiction" of e-cigarettes, they will focus on "portability," practitioners say.This approach by traditional cigarette companies is clearly instructive.

  However, another concern is that it is not reasonable to attract consumers to use or cultivate their habits through the marketing of online products, but to wear e-cigarettes with moral natural criticism, which also makes the commercial crimes of the original Internet entrepreneurs appear more serious.

  Nearly a third of americans ages 13 to 18 admit to having smoked an lookah glass bongs in the past 30 days, according to a survey by the Wall Street journal and research firm MercuryAnalytics.This is in line with the Hong Kong special administrative region's proposal to ban e-cigarettes and other products.E-cigarettes are harmful to health and produce second-hand smoke, which may lead to a "gateway effect" whereby young people and young people who are used to e-cigarettes may eventually switch to smoking.

  In order to bring non-smokers into contact with e-cigarette users, entrepreneurs hope to expand the young market, but avoiding this contradiction will determine that they will always be at risk of being seduced like mad.If the policy boot is not in place, it is not worth trying, compared with the small positive value that e-cigarettes can produce.

  But entrepreneurs ignore this, believing that they can stick to their moral compass and never interfere with the choices of minors.

  Light up an e-cigarette in the cold winter of entrepreneurship

  Zhu xiaohu joked that in the circle of friends, the boom of e-cigarette business: after the blockade, zhuang jiu was once again faced with the choice of values in front of the wind.In the pre-internet era, there were few e-cigarettes in the first place because of the special nature of tobacco, but many entrepreneurs and investors have been quick to follow suit.

  Sales of e-cigarettes grew nearly 20-fold from 2010 to 2018, but they remain a minority of consumption at home, even though this 5 per cent of the consumer market accounts for more than 90 per cent of global e-cigarette production, with room for commercial extraction.

  Moreover, technology and brands have yet to create barriers.According to industry insiders, at present, in the supply side, a batch of e-tobacco products that can face the market can get at least 30-500,000 yuan of investment.If you increase your investment to $1 million and have a large stock of goods, you can usually "do something small."Referring to the hundreds of millions of dollars in previous capital games, lookah glass are the perfect place to "cover the money" in the capital.

  However, compared with the choice where the bottom line of the entrepreneur's morality lies in the interests of the industry, the search for short-term profits, at any time under policy pressure, may break the future direction of entrepreneurship, but the power of the Internet tries to upgrade to the outlet, which is a more shocking and naked reality.The Internet has gone downhill, and making money quickly is the ultimate goal of starting a business.

  2018 is a special economic year, where the story of amassing wealth in the age of the mobile Internet is often lost, making entrepreneurship tremble.According to a set of data from qingke, the average valuation of start-up projects has increased by 3. 5%.Between 2014 and 2017, the average valuation of growth companies doubled from 530 million yuan in 2014.In 2017, it was 63 billion yuan.In 2018, however, many star companies fell off the hook, leading investors to exit and get into trouble.