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Canadian LOOKAH GLASS Cigarette Association calls on Nova Scotia to lift e-cigarette flavor ban

by linbin on May 13, 2020
According to a foreign news report, the "Landong New Consumer News" reported on the 13th that Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia, Canada regulates the concentration of nicotine to 20 mg per milliliter. The number of products reduced by 97%, the vast majority of which are low-smoke condiments used by former adult smokers.

  Last week, the Canadian Parliament signed a decree amending Nova Scotia's "Tobacco Access Law." The new regulations limit the concentration of nicotine to less than 20 milligrams per milliliter. The Canadian Lookah Glass Association (Cva) has repeatedly called on the federal government to implement this measure. The new law was introduced after Nova Scotia banned the use of tobacco essence on April 1, 2020.
lookah glass
  CVA strongly warned that the elimination of taste will reduce the number of products in specialized lookah seahorse coil stores by 97%, most of which are low-smoke condiments used by smokers of adulthood before they are enforced.

  Kelly Cull, a spokesman for the Canadian Cancer Society, said the organization is seeking further regulations that require sales of steam products to be limited to professional electronic cigarette stores limited to adults.

  This law is generally praised by the CVA, but the new ban on spices has lifted the lookah seahorse coil store for adults in Nova Scotia.

  The CVA indicated to regulators and stakeholders that a specialized lookah glass store is best suited to restrict young people from entering, but the Nova Scotia government refused to engage in any dialogue with the industry.

  The Canadian Cancer Society imposed an essential ban that led to the collapse of dozens of small businesses, and now recommends restricting sales to the same adult-restricted lookah glass store that its advocates closed.

  Darling Temple, CVA ’s executive director, said Kelly Cull ’s speech showed that the Canadian Cancer Society knows very little about the industry. If the Nova Scotia government really wants to implement an effective lookah bong glass policy, it will need to modify the ban and readjust the current tax model. We strongly agree that the sales of lookah bong products should be limited to adult professional lookah glass stores. However, as we have repeatedly warned the Nova Scotia government, the Nova Scotia government has banned taste companies from closing independent and age-restricted independent retailers and forced many lookah glass users in the province to enter the black market or smoke again. Under the current policy, it is rarely possible to increase the number of smokers and switch to using lookah glass, which is a less harmful option.

  A large number of studies and data from various reliable sources have been published, and all conclusions indicate that taste is not the reason for young people to consume food.

  According to a study released by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 55.3% of middle school students and high school students who tried to use lookah glass said that I was curious about them. The second most common reason for teenagers to use lookah glass is 23.9%, which is used by friends or family members.

  The legislation passed by Nova Scotia is based on a study prepared by smoke-free Nova Scotia, which supports a closer link between smoking rates and tastes among young people. However, the survey methods used in smoke-free Nova Scotia are very different from those of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Although a random scientific sample of the designated population must be used for a reliable scientific survey, in the smoke-free study in Nova Scotia, the interviewees were self-selected and received a $ 10 compensation each time they completed the survey. This completely violates the sampling rules and objectivity.

  Therefore, it is not surprising that the results of the smoke-free Nova Scotia study were not replicated in any other youth absorption studies conducted in Canada or any other country.
  The facts of the Nova Scotia government are all wrong.

  Removal of spices will only increase the use of traditional tobacco, but will not prevent young people from smoking. Before revising the "Smoke Free Places Law" and "Tobacco Access Law", some research reports were submitted to the Nova Scotia Provincial Government to prove these facts. These studies were supported by the opposition parties, and industry members, the public, and members of the opposition also called for amendments to the bill. But the authorities chose to ignore the facts and adopt harmful policies, which would only benefit the lookah glass brand and the black market owned by Tobacco, and those who already use lookah glass as a tool for harm reduction.

  Since its establishment, CVA has condemned the use of steam products by young people and non-smokers. We call on regulators and public health associations to work with us to formulate effective policies. All reliable research shows that smoking is the most successful tool for reducing tobacco harm.