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Can glass pipes really replace rootwaterpipes to enter the market?

by linbin on May 19, 2020


  In our ordinary life, we can say that we are very familiar with roor water pipe. Everyone around us or the people around us should have roor water pipe lovers. We don't know whether we have found that many people are starting to use glass pipes instead of ordinary Roor Water Pipes. glass pipes are usually used to give up smoking. glass pipes can really help people to give up smoking. Now, glass pipes will introduce to you:

glass pipes

  Glass pipes is a healthy smoking cessation and replacement product. Many people say that people who really smoke do not buy glass pipes.

  Of course, this is mainly because heavy smokers think glass pipes have little effect and smoking is not enough. However, disposable glass pipes are produced by relieving smoking addiction, and have the characteristics of large capacity, large oil absorption, strong anti-smoking ability, etc.

  So glass pipes wants to reduce people's dependence on rootwaterpipe instead of making smokers rely more and more on rootwaterpipe. Some people even say that glass pipes cannot effectively stop smoking. Smoking is the same as non-smoking. In fact, a large part of the reason is that users do not use glass water pipes correctly and lack sufficient willpower, resulting in the effect of quitting smoking is not obvious.

  So, what effect does glass pipes have on quitting smoking? Glass pipes is called a smoking cessation product with high success rate and unquestionable effect. Glass pipes uses nicotine replacement therapy, which is becoming more and more common in the world to gradually reduce nicotine intake among smokers. Generally speaking, it goes from high to low. In addition, even if the nicotine content is high, it is only 1: 3 of that of common rootwater pipes, thus avoiding dependence on glass pipes.

water pipes

  According to incomplete statistics, among various products of nicotine replacement therapy, glass pipes should have a high success rate in quitting smoking. Apart from using nicotine replacement therapy, he has greater advantages in not changing smokers' own habits and behaviors. As the saying goes, he can also satisfy smokers' oral addiction. This is very important because most smokers cannot get rid of this habitual behavior, so that they can successfully quit smoking. If the technology of an ultrasonic atomizer development enterprise is mature, many students cannot compare with heated atomizers.

  Healthy. The most critical part of glass pipes products is actually unknown health threats. These compounds may be produced by heating roor water pipe oil with a heated atomizer. Some people even compare the smoke produced by water pipe connectors with the smoke produced by cooking. However, the ultrasonic atomizing device does not have the problem of directly pulverizing the liquid at room temperature. This is safe. The heating atomizer is heated by resistance wire, which is of poor quality or improper use, and is easy to cause risks of oil splashing, combustion and even explosion. Ultrasonic nebulizers are not that dangerous.

glass pipes

  The benefits of using it are great. The heating sprayer requires us to continuously replace (some DIY players can replace parts such as resistance wires themselves), and the time cost for long-term development and use is not low. The development of ultrasonic atomizer technology can solve the problems of short service life, low smoke, incomplete atomization and large fog point (there are still many problems). Compared with the heated atomizer, the invention has the advantages of low cost, no need of frequent replacement, convenient use and the like.

  There are many kinds of porous ceramic materials. In recent years, the preparation technology of porous ceramics has gradually developed due to the different uses and characteristics of materials. The general preparation process of porous ceramics is granulation, mixing, molding, sintering, etc.

  1. The adding process of pore-forming agent

  By adding fine pore-forming agent into ceramic components, the pore-forming agent occupies a certain space in the blank. In the sintering process, the pore-forming agent leaves the matrix to form pores to obtain porous ceramics. The main molding methods are compression molding, extrusion molding, rolling molding, isostatic pressing molding, injection molding and slurry injection. The product is commonly referred to as honeycomb porous ceramics.

  II. Organic Bubble Impregnation

  The method is suitable for the preparation of porous ceramics, and the product is generally called reticulated porous ceramics.

  3. Foaming method

  The foaming agent is mixed with clay materials, and clay particles are combined with each other under the action of pressure. When sufficient heat is transferred to the interior of clay particles, the material will bubble and expand, filling the entire mold, and after cooling, porous ceramic material will be obtained. Porous ceramics of various pore sizes and shapes, i.e. general foam porous ceramics, are known and can be prepared.

  4. Sol-gel method

  Ceramic particles are mixed with organic gel, washed and ion exchanged to form porous ceramic material. Structurally, the porosity and pore diameter of porous SiO _ 2 material can be changed by adjusting the sintering temperature. Sol-gel method is mainly used to prepare microporous ceramic materials, especially microporous ceramic films.