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British Attitude to Glass pipes

by linbin on May 28, 2020

  September 26 News, According to foreign reports, 11 people died of mysterious lung diseases in the United States, which are related to glass bongs china atomization, unauthorized THC and Glass bone products. The UK's Public Health (Phe) uses the UK's Glass bong king as an example to reassure users that their attitude towards Glass bone Water Pipes remains unchanged.

water pipes

  Our advice to glass bone water pipes for sale remains unchanged. Glass bone water pipes are not completely risk-free, but they are far less harmful than smoking. "Under such circumstances, continuing to smoke glass bong water pipes is more beneficial to your health than completely smoking," Phe wrote on Twitter.

  The goal of this tweet is to worry about the global spread of pulmonary diseases related to glassbone water pipes in the United States. A man from Kansas has become the ninth person to die of the disease, bringing the total number of reported cases to 500. Other tragic deaths occurred in California, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Missouri and Oregon.

  A new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that the vast majority of patients with this disease use unauthorized THC products.

  The new Glass bong Alliance (NNA) supports Phe's tweet, saying the proposals of the Department Of Public Health and NNA remain unchanged. It was also pointed out that regulated products should be used. This is enough to show that relevant organizations should not blame jet water pipes for these incidents and users should not buy illegal oil-based tetrahydrocannabinoid from unregulated suppliers.