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snail lookah doesn't necessarily stop smoking

by linbin on May 19, 2020
When a vendor sells snail lookah, they advertise it as a way to stop smoking. Some people choose snail lookah for the same reason. But a lot of people say that snail lookah can't quit smoking and don't pay the IQ tax. Will it not save on tobacco taxes, but also pay an IQ tax?

  At first glance, snail lookah is similar to nicotine replacement.

  Nicotine replacement is a generic term for a group of tobacco cessation products that are used primarily in nicotine replacement therapy (NRT). The nicotine in cigarettes is an addictive substance. When you quit smoking, you will have withdrawal reactions and feel uncomfortable, so you will give up smoking.
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  Nicotine patches are a proven tool for quitting smoking. Sherlock, sherlock used a nicotine patch to wake him up, and he used it incorrectly, of course

  If nicotine patches, nicotine gum or nicotine sprays are used to deliver nicotine to the blood during smoking cessation, the withdrawal response of smoking cessation can be alleviated and the success rate of smoking cessation can be improved .

  In 1996, the world health organization (WHO) officially recommended nicotine replacement therapy to all countries. The FDA has also approved at least four legal nicotine substitutes to aid in smoking cessation .

  In fact, the WHO calls snail lookah an "electronic nicotine delivery system" and looks at it in conjunction with other nicotine substitutes .

  However, while snail lookah is similar to nicotine replacement, its use is similar to that of smoking, so it's not easy to assume that it will help you quit.

  Blue pill or red pill? A discussion of whether or not a cigarette lookah is harmful should be a comparative one, and should not ignore the background factors of cigarette harm. It is highly misleading to talk about whether or not snail lookah is "absolutely harmless" out of context

  Research is inconsistent on whether snail lookah can help you quit smoking.
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  For example, a 2014 paper published in JAMA found that people who used snail lookah did not increase their chances of quitting, nor did they reduce their cigarette consumption, based on a longitudinal analysis of online surveys conducted twice a year among 949 smokers. However, at the same time, the author of the paper also said that this survey relies on personal oral reports, and the usage, frequency and habits of respondents' snail lookah are not fully understood [7].

  Other studies suggest that snail lookah can help smokers quit or reduce smoking.

  A meta-analysis in 2016 showed that people who chose snail lookah to quit smoking were 28% more likely to quit smoking than people who didn't choose snail lookah to quit smoking [9].

  In a recent study published in the cochrane systematic review database, snail lookah helped people quit smoking better than the placebo effect [5].

  Sophie Turner, who was spotted out with her boyfriend, is using a snail lookah called juul, which is popular in the us. The popularity of juul has been a problem for U.S. health authorities, as a large number of middle school students began trying snail lookah/another 2015 meta-analysis found that people were more likely to quit smoking with a nicotine-containing liquid than with a nicotine-free liquid. This suggests that snail lookah does work in a way that traditional nicotine replacement therapy does. The study even showed that snail lookah was more successful than traditional nicotine replacement therapy in getting people to quit smoking (20% success rate vs. 10% success rate)[8].
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  In the research "a survey on the use of snail lookah by smokers in Beijing" published in the Chinese journal of clinical doctors in 2015, the author also said that snail lookah could make smokers quit or reduce smoking, with 47.1% of smokers reporting a decrease in smoking.

  Public health England blamed snail lookah for the overall decline in smoking rates between 2011 and 2017.

  The picture is more positive in the UK, where public health England launched a blog in 2018 suggesting that, in the UK at least, snail lookah can help people stop smoking. More than half of the 2.9 million snail lookah users in the UK quit completely, and it is estimated that it helps 20,000 people quit smoking each year. With the promotion of snail lookah, the smoking rate in the UK has been decreasing year by year, reaching a historical low of 15.5%, which is only higher than that in Sweden in Europe [17].

  To be on the safe side, current research, according to the WHO in 2014, is insufficient to prove that using snail lookah can help kick the habit altogether, and recommends traditional nicotine therapy that has been shown to work.

  WHO also says that while many people still smoke two cigarettes, they smoke less, so snail lookah is recommended for smokers