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Another glass bongs is on the rise

by linbin on May 18, 2020


  In addition to the disposable and flexible glass bong online common in China, "NUT Nuts" has also launched a fuel injection jet water pipes overseas.

  36kr has learned that the new jet water pipes brand "NUT Nuts" has completed a venture led angel round financing of tens of millions of dollars for brand building, technology development and channel development.In addition, the NUT will also carry out more intelligent new product research and development, and on the basis of optimizing the use experience, according to the age of the audience and the use of the scene and other market segments, the launch of targeted products to meet the personalized needs of smokers.

jet water pipes

  NUT Nuts, founded in early 2019, is an jet water pipes brand owned by shenzhen zibao technology co LTD, co-founded by five students from cheung kong graduate school of business.The founder, huang hua, is a serial entrepreneur and a student of cheung kong graduate school of business and China Europe business school.The members of the nutt team come from Google, Microsoft, huawei, didi, tencent, maoyan and other well-known companies, with 20% of the overseas returnees and years of experience in brand, marketing and channel management.

  The NUT NUT products adopt the method of combination of boxing, for the introduction of three different populations of small water pipes is suitable for different people, including the NUT NUT V1 replaceable atomized smoke, closed and an oil injection, the NUT NUT whiteness (i.e., the disposable water pipes) and open tattoo glass bong (mainly for foreign markets), suitable for different groups, including the NUT NUT V1 alternative atomized smoke (closed and the injection oil), and the NUT NUT whiteness (disposable water pipes) and open the water pipes soot injection (mainly for foreign markets).The nuts V1 set has been put on the shelves with WeChat official account, applet mall, Tmall mall and more than 3,500 stores, including the flavors of nut tobacco, children's popsicles and golden double mint.

  Offline, NUT entered jet water pipes stores, supermarkets, 3C digital stores, convenience stores, Internet cafes, nightclubs and other fields  through the urban cooperation model.In foreign markets, the NUT has been sold in southeast Asia and the Middle East and has entered into cooperation agreements with a number of channel suppliers.In terms of brand promotion, nut will establish a new retail team to facilitate online, community promotion, new retail and channel development.

glass water pipes

  The NUT NUT water pipes USES a tactile ceramic core heating technology, while food-grade fruit and vegetable glycerin and high-purity  organic nicotine salt are added to the oil.Founder huang hua told 36 KR that in order to ensure product quality, NUT NUT was selected to cooperate with McWeir, China's largest bongs from china manufacturer, to provide guarantee for production, prepare for the new national standard and propose five development goals while ensuring safety.

  Select standard business cooperation with foreign channels, strictly investigate and punish partners, and avoid unscrupulous business;

  Choose more regulated countries, such as the UK and the us, to issue NUT water pipess.

  Choose more national consumer awareness to launch;

  In order to give consumers a better tobacco oil experience, the NUT NUT company plans to cooperate with the best tobacco companies in the formal world to launch a series of NUT brand tobacco oils in the future.

  NUTNuts plans to set up a dedicated quality control team in the future to check and monitor the safety and quality of products in the market from time to time.

  "NUT Nuts V1 made a million yuan in its first month," huang said.So far, the number of pre-orders for NUTNuts V1 replacement cartridge nebulizer sets has reached 100,000 units, while pre-orders for NUT NUT white primary nebulizer water pipess contract have reached 80,000 units, and revenue is expected to continue to grow rapidly in October.

  NUT is divided into domestic business department and foreign business department. There are more than 40 people in the domestic business department, including more than 10 marketing channel development managers and more than 20 operators, as well as more than 10 personnel in the foreign business department, most of whom are channel development personnel.We believe that the fast growth of the brand can only be maintained by attracting customers with quality products, so the NUT NUT company is not in a hurry to raise the next round of financing.In addition to continuing to grind products, the company's priority now is to find quality agents around the world to jointly expand the brand's market share.".