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After the national cool water pipes standard is announced

by linbin on May 16, 2020


  It is worth mentioning that the national e-cigarette standard is finally about to be released, which will bring two minimal effects, one is the standardization of the e-cigarette industry, and the other is the exit of small brands.Because the national standard was meant to set some threshold, it was difficult for Kenny, who lacked the technical and design team, to reach that threshold and purify the industry."Once you get rid of some of the almost fake brands, you can really create a healthy competitive environment."This will obviously provide a better opportunity for high-end products such as platinum to grow, thereby reducing a lot of the noise that can affect development."For consumers, the experience is clearly the most critical part of lookah glass for sale.I've seen a lot of people try several or even a dozen brands of e-cigarettes to find what they think is the best brand.Therefore, the elite and high-end, or relatively clear development direction, especially through clear and transparent legal rules, the low-cost shanzhai competition will be completely suppressed.

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  "E-cigarettes were arguably the biggest hit last year. They are not only a consumer upgrade for smokers, but also have the advantages of smoking, quitting, even reducing physical harm, and being easy to use."However, as the early stage is still in the grass-roots competition period, plus the threshold of the product itself seems not high, the whole market is also relatively complex.But as users continued to experiment with voting with their feet, some of the bigger, more powerful factories came out on top.The whole e-cigarette industry is also entering into a new product force competition. Platinum, which has just launched a new product, is one of the best products.

  "The reason why the e-cigarette market is so hot, and why so many people want to mix it up, is that the production threshold is relatively low. There is a relatively complete supply chain in shenzhen, which can easily produce their own brand of e-cigarette."However, it must be pointed out that such contractual participation still lacks soul, such as some oil leakage problems, heating problems, living problems, etc., which can only be solved by upgrading the supply chain, let alone making its own characteristics and characteristics.At this time, platinum believes that, in fact, the threshold of this industry is still very high, but the production threshold is relatively low, ODM or OEM is difficult to form a long-term competitiveness, whether it is the design of the lookah glass bongs itself, or the development of the cigarette oil, in fact, is a very technical thing.

  Wang said that based on the current situation, the national standard will make electronic atomized cigarettes have a clear position in the industry, and make it clear that e-cigarettes are neither tobacco nor drugs, making the direction of the industry clearer.At the same time, the false publicity and exaggeration of various unbalanced products will also be greatly reduced. Platinum has been following the electronic cigarette standard of the us FDA, and has reached the world's leading level in the research and development, manufacturing and hardware of tobacco oil, so it does not worry about regulatory risks at all.

  In fact, the earliest e-cigarettes were probably invented in China.At that time, "like smoke" can be said to be very popular, but this product really can only be called "smoke", because there is no way to replace tobacco, also can't stop smoking.In fact, the core point is that there are various reasons not to carry enough nicotine."The fact is that the development of seahorse lookah coils has been driven by advances in technology, in battery levels, in manufacturing processes and, of course, in nicotine solutions."With the support of various progress, the opportunity of industrial upgrading comes quietly.And overseas markets are definitely growing faster. For example, silicon valley startup Juul has created a sales and valuation miracle, which is $1 a year."Three million people per person suggests that the tobacco industry is starting to ignite a prairie fire, and back in China, the tobacco market, a multi-trillion-dollar market, will of course become even hotter.

  I think this is doomed to the fate of the tuyere enterprises in the absence of rules, in clear rules, there will be a big wave surge and the grains of sand, eventually leave enterprise will continue to be a product of leading enterprises, after all, the use of this product is indeed a different experience, only those who personally trying a number of products, to understand the key to the industry."I believe platinum's high standard and product strength may bring some cost pressure in the short term, but in the long run, it is the core competitiveness.

  Because penetration of e-cigarettes in China is still relatively low, probably less than 1 percent, and because of various traditional issues, platinum thinks the eventual market share could be as high as 10 percent.It's already a very big market in the global market and it's going to be a very good market.The positioning of e-cigarette technology will not change much, and platinum aims to be the ultimate winner in the industry.