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After switching to Glasdabrigs, smokers' cardiovascular health improved significantly.

by linbin on June 09, 2020


  According to media reports, an important research result in university of dundee shows that the switch from traditional cigarettes to glass dab rigs is significantly beneficial to smokers' heart health: Compared with traditional cigarettes,water pipes online is less harmful to vascular health and can reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

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  The study, named VESUVIUS, was commissioned by the British Heart Foundation. It is also considered to be the largest study to date on the effects of glass dab rigs on the heart, the results of which are published in the Journal of the American Heart Association.

  The study by the British university of dundee Medical College lasted two years and recruited 114 smokers who smoked traditional cigarettes for a long time. These subjects smoked more than 15 cigarettes a day for at least two years. They were divided into three groups: the group that continued smoking traditional cigarettes, the group that switched to smoking nicotine-containing lookah glass dab rigs, and the group that switched to smoking 0 nicotine glass dab rigs. The experimental period is one month, and the health status of these subjects will be monitored throughout the experiment. Before and after the experiment, researchers will also test their vascular health.

  When traditional cigarette smokers switched to glass dab rigs, their vascular health was significantly improved in only four weeks, especially for female smokers. The study also found that among the subjects, compared with those who smoked both traditional cigarettes and glass dab rigs, those who completely turned to glass dab rigs achieved greater improvement in vascular health.

  Jacob George, professor of cardiovascular medicine and therapeutics in university of dundee, served as the lead researcher of the study. He said,

  Although glass dab rigs is not completely harmless, it is far less harmful than traditional cigarettes in terms of vascular health.

  . Non-smokers or minors should not try glass dab rigs, but for those who have been smoking traditional cigarettes for a long time, their vascular function has improved significantly only one month after they switched to glass dab rigs.

  The title of the third positive report is "US CDC Says Possible Causes of Pulmonary Disease Caused by water pipes for sale". The report comes from Xinhua. The key contents are as follows:

  According to foreign media reports, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said that "Vitamin E Acetate" added to glass dab rigs' smoke may be the "culprit" leading to fatal lung diseases, but other possible factors cannot be ruled out yet.

  CDC researchers detected vitamin E acetate in all samples of bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from 29 patients, which is an additive used in some glass dab rigs products.

  Researchers also detected tetrahydrocannabinol in 23 of the patients

  Nicotine was detected in 16 patients.

  Researchers said vitamin E acetate is also commonly used in health products and bath lotions, but inhalation of this substance has different effects compared with smearing on skin. CDC researchers said vitamin E acetate would stick to the lungs.

  CDC officials said in a media conference call on the same day that this was a breakthrough in the agency's investigation into the causes of glass dab rigs.

  . However, more tests are needed, and the existing evidence cannot rule out other factors leading to lung diseases. According to the data released by the US CDC on November 7, as of the 5th of this month, the US has reported 2051 confirmed and probable lung disease cases related to the use of glass dab rigs, with at least 39 deaths.

  The title of the fourth positive report is "glass dab rigs Went to War by Tobacco and Grass Bureau's" Two-for-One "? The lawyer said that there was no evidence in the law. The report came from China Business Network and was forwarded by Sina Finance and Economics. The key contents are as follows:

  According to a report by Hubei Shiyan Radio and Television Station, on November 4, the market inspectors of Shiyan City Tobacco Monopoly Bureau gave an oral notice to the sellers of glass dab rigs, telling them that glass dab rigs were "not allowed to be sold" and there were other cigarette businesses besides glass dab rigs in the store.阿

  In the above-mentioned TV news, some inspectors showed that if the operators were found to continue to sell glass dab rigs, the bureau would impose an administrative penalty of three months' suspension of business for "illegal" operators, and cancel their tobacco monopoly qualification if they refused to correct.

  The notified area is in wanda plaza Gold Street, Shiyan City, and the nearest senior technical school has a straight distance of more than 500 meters. Both primary and secondary schools have exceeded this distance.

  There are different regulations on what constitutes "the vicinity of primary and secondary schools" in the regulations on the rational distribution of tobacco retail outlets around the country.

  In general, it is stipulated that no retail outlets for tobacco products can be set up within 50~100 meters from primary and secondary schools.