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Abroad is the cradle of water well pipe

by linbin on May 11, 2020


  China has long been the world's largest tobacco country.Currently, there are 350 million smokers in China, who consume about 50 million boxes of cigarettes a year, accounting for 44 percent of the global total.But penetration of e-cigarettes in China is only 0.6 percent, compared with 13 percent in the United States, the world's largest consumer market.

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  The rapid expansion of the world lookah glass for sale market, the increase in the number of users and the low permeability in China are all important bases to verify that e-cigarette has sufficient development potential and can realize long-term development.

  We see the future development of an industry is good or bad from two perspectives.One is to see if the user is real.Is there demand for e-cigarette products?"This has been basically proven in the past, which is why the industry has been able to grow at a high rate in the past few years," he said.

  Another idea is to look at how countries regulate the industry.At present, Europe is open, and the regulatory policy and public opinion in the whole UK are the most friendly to e-cigarettes. Now the development is relatively mature.As for the United States, although a ban has been issued, it does not actually kill the industry completely, just to prevent minors from using the products.It only prohibits the sale of fruit and mint, which is for closed systems.Turning on an e-cigarette is fine.".

  In short, in Chen's opinion, e-cigarettes have enough market potential and users have a real demand.At the same time, the government proposed the regulation of an industry, which actually has a normative effect on the industry, and recognized the development of the e-cigarette industry.From these two perspectives, the e-cigarette industry will certainly have a long-term development.

  China's national standard for e-cigarettes has not been promulgated for a long time, and is regarded as an important basis to end the industry chaos and become the "main body" of the industry.Now, e-cigarette companies are waiting for the launch of the national e-cigarette standard.

  "The upcoming national standard, the only mandatory standard for the jet water pipes industry, will play an unprecedented regulatory role in the e-cigarette industry and will greatly enhance market confidence."Fang hui told "bullet finance".

  Zhang gengbin predicted that the future national standard will be a very systematic, comprehensive and perfect standard, which will get effective supervision from the aspects of product procurement, production, packaging and sales, and further raise the threshold of entry for the industry.By then, capital may be pouring in again, and the industry will have entered a new stage of development within its control.

  But he believes that national standards will not be issued in a short time, because it will take enough time to cool the industry and bring it back to reason.


  Strict regulation has slowed the booming e-cigarette industry since the second half of 2019.Once the capital's darling slipped into the clouds, the little players left in droves, as the outside world sang and e-cigarettes entered its darkest hour.

  Today, the nationwide popularity of e-cigarettes casts a shadow over their future.

  In the cold winter of e-cigarette, some people leave, some people insist.In the eyes of advocates, regulation will only make the e-cigarette industry healthier, and with low e-cigarette penetration among China's 350 million smokers, there is still a huge opportunity.

  In their view, the difficulties of lookah glass bongs are temporary and the future is still worth looking forward to, just adjusting the pace step by step to meet the regulatory requirements and waiting for the dawn.

  Just how far away that day is, no one knows.For now, their priority is to work hard to survive.