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A sudden change in the direction of the authoritative media! Glass dab rigs industry returns?

by linbin on June 10, 2020


  Recently, glass dab rigs has been in a state of constant negative news. The bad news in the media has made the whole industry somewhat depressed.

  However, recently we found that the attitude of the authoritative state media towards glass dab rigs has suddenly turned upside down, and various positive and objective news reports have been reported frequently, thus inspiring the people in the glass dab rigs industry.

water pipes

  Represented by Beijing Youth Daily and People's Daily, authoritative media have explained the previously reported "Glasdabrigs lung disease" and other issues and justified the name of glass dab rigs.

  The Beijing Youth Daily reported that according to a professor from new york University, the glass dab rigs used by more than 500 patients with lung diseases abroad is a street drug and has nothing to do with glass dab rigs sold through legal channels.

  "if all American smokers switch to glass dab rigs. At least 7 million lives will be saved. "

  The People's Daily gives more specific and favorable data research data:

  The British Ministry of Public Health (PHE) reports that the risk of cancer among water pipes for sale is less than 0.5% of that of traditional smokers.

  Compared with some previous Glasdabrigs hazard reports, the data given in this article are more comprehensive and authoritative.

  The data comes from the experimental results obtained by st Andrews university in England. this experiment proves its reliability by eliminating interference information, setting up control test groups and modeling.

  In a nutshell, if enough authoritative institutional experimental conclusions can be given, it will be more helpful for people who pay attention to glass dab rigs to understand glass dab rigs objectively and more convincing.

  Such news reports are absolutely good for the glass dab rigs industry.

  Looking at the two pieces of news together, some people are excited and think that this is an official publicity that is good for the market. Some people became sensitive and thought it was a signal for the "national team" to enter the stadium.

  In LOVEVAPE's eyes, this is only the normal stage of education popularization:

  After fully reminding Glasdabrigs of some of its real problems, let people know the advantages of lookah snail in a more formal and objective way.

  Good news is good, but don't get too excited. Self-promotion, self-isolation and self-disorder are not desirable.

  Formalization and compliance are what glass dab rigs enterprises and practitioners should do and what LOVEVAPE has been committed to.

  For glass dab rigs, the most urgent problem to be solved is the protection of minors. As for the attitude towards adult smokers, it needs the subsequent rectification of authoritative media.