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A new choice for disposable cigarettes

by linbin on May 13, 2020
The alternative lookah seahorse coil is currently the most convenient and simplest electronic cigarette on the market. This lookah glass can be thrown away after smoking like ordinary cigarettes, so the usage habits are basically the same as smoking. Of course, there must be a gap in taste. As the emergence of disposable lookah glass directly disturbed the current market, small cigarette products of each family gradually emerged like mushrooms. Today we will introduce you to a disposable lookah glass.

  Each model has a separate small box packaging, when received, the carton is covered with a sealing film once to ensure that the received product is completely new and complete. There are currently nine flavors, so there are nine small cartons, but according to the R & D manager, more flavors are still being updated, and the outer packaging is printed with different candy colors to distinguish different flavors. The front of the carton is printed with a real picture of the content. The specific taste is marked below, and the nicotine content is 2%.
lookah glass
  Open the carton and take out the lookah glass body, there is also a manual, lookah bong itself also has a disposable plastic packaging, the top straw is factory equipped with a silicone sleeve seal, so in addition to the plastic sealing film of the outer box, the inner sealing bag and the nozzle In addition to the silicone sleeve, the overall preservation work is also in place. In addition to avoiding the loss of taste caused by the exposure of smoke oil, it can also end the unexpected work of lookah glass caused by airflow.

  The ignition control of the disposable lookah glass is controlled by the airflow switch, that is, it is put into the mouth like normal smoking *, it will automatically ignite, and when the smoking action stops, it will automatically disconnect from standby. After the whole hand, the space aluminum smoke stick is sprayed with rubber paint to make it feel good. A light such as a tail is different from the color neon light. Every breath will flicker. If the light is low, this kind of light Suggested that the effect is still good. Turn off the light, take a breath, watch the small light suddenly go out, think rationally and complicatedly, and the smoke is replaced. Think about this.

  Due to the large-capacity design, the volume of 4 ml of smoke oil is several times that of other lookah seahorse coils. With a unique ceramic core sprayer, the overall smoke smell is very close to the actual smoke. After actual suction, there are several flavors that are quite typical.

  Martha ice cream: The blend of clear tea flavor and light fresh milk has a natural flavor.

  Green Arrow Mint: It feels cool, it lets 2% concentration into the throat 5% of the expected throat experience, there is no feeling of concentration and throat, which is very good.

  Classic Mung Bean Ice: It is also very real green bean popsicle. Continuous green beans are accompanied by high cold, not sweet or greasy, it is the memory of green bean smoothie flavor

  Pink lemon: It is more sour and sweeter than green arrow mint, plus the refreshing smoke oil, the sweet and sour taste pours into my heart, get rid of fatigue, and wake up quickly, as if drinking a sip of iced black tea.

  Oolong tea: Smokers usually like to drink tea. They are too busy to drink tea and the fragrance is overflowing. They ca n’t lose that pursuit. A good sip of smoke, a good sip of tea for a lifetime, friends who like tea can try.

  Maotai: It should be very rare to mix tobacco and alcohol with small cigarettes. The performance of wine has always been a problem of tobacco oil flavoring technology. They solve this problem well and have the soft taste of white wine.

  In general, these flavors are more modest, feel more elegant, and more easily accepted, especially for new users who want to control cigarettes and have long-term exposure to the lookah seahorse coil.
  For disposable lookah glass, that is, throwing products, the biggest advantage is that the cigarette is simple, convenient and easy to use, there is no need to consider charging issues, and there is no need to worry about long-term service life, maintenance and other issues. In general, the operation of replacing cigarettes is greatly simplify. "Compared with the traditional big smoke lookah glass fog, we should consider the box, atomizer, coil, soot oil, cotton, etc. The collocation problem also requires a certain practical ability, and the one-time lookah bong subtraction can reach the ultimate.

  Cigarettes are difficult to quit. One of the big problems is that they are easy to get and easy to use. If the replacement product is too complicated, you may not be interested in dual products. This disposable product is suitable for such a scenario. I think it is a good one. Cigarette tool.