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2020 glass bong king product main force

by linbin on May 20, 2020
In 2019, when it comes to glass bong king products, we believe that they are no longer unfamiliar to anyone. This type of products has the greatest features of reducing harm and being easy to carry, which are better than the electronic substitutes of cigarettes in taste and operation. Glass bong king is still groping and expanding in the Chinese market, and various brands have invested in the development and production of products. Recently, a new glass bong kinglookah glass bong king announced the launch of the first product v-top, which was launched in a high profile.

  Today, I would like to share with you the evaluation of this product.

  The packaging of this glass bong king is very simple and elegant, which looks very comfortable. The lining material has a very good texture. Compared with other glass bong king packaging, it is more advanced.
handmade glass pipes
  The box contains a battery smoke pole, two tobacco smoke bombs, a data cable and a manual. It is worth mentioning that the manual is very interesting and is written in the first person of glass bong king, which is relatively fresh.

  Glass bong king is small in appearance and simple in appearance. Except for the logo, the whole body is black. The material is stainless steel. The MICRO charging interface at the bottom is common with the conventional glass bong king host. It is also applicable to the ordinary android data cable, which brings convenience for charging at any time. You don't have to carry a special charging cable out of the house, which is much less trouble. The indicator light is red when charging and white when full.

  The structure design of the atomizer is the same as the current majority of brands, and the built-in metal texture at the bottom is very technological, and the capacity of 1.5m can almost meet the daily use time of ordinary users. The translucent atomizer can clearly observe the residual oil of glass bong king, which is very considerate for daily use.
green glass pipe
  Glass bong king also has a wide selection of tobacco oil flavors, including classic tobacco, strawberry tobacco, peppermint and blueberry. It does not use excessive exotic flavors to arouse people's curiosity. Besides, it is slightly developed in the taste of the general public, so that everyday and creative flavors coexist, and it is more for smokers to consider.

  Lookah glass bong king is very suitable for smokers to pursue a harmless and smooth replacement for smokers, and it is easy to carry, charging at any time and changing the elastic at any time. It will undoubtedly become the main product of glass bong king in 2019.